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Auditions/Competitions Expert

Certificated Program


Not only be a great musician is enough to present a excellent audition or competition. Learn how to prepare yourself to do successful auditions and great competitions.

Certificate Program of 3 Academic Modules of 4 months. 

3 Units per Module

Double titulation at USA and Colombia.

*Scheduled Auditions/Competitions Special Training: If you have a scheduled auditions or competitions and you do not have the year to be prepare, this fast track program is for you. The whole curriculum will be designed focused in your repertoire auditions/competitions and schedules.

*A totally commitment will be required to be part of this special faster training.

Not only be a great musician is enough to present an excellent audition or have a great performance in a competition. As a Conductor that have been doing many auditions for instrumentalists and singers for a spot in my orchestras and opera productions; I understand that many musical and personality aspects are being judged at the professional level. In addition, after winning many scholarships at USA and Colombia, even at Doctoral Level, and as Music Director of Orchestras, Director of a Conservatories and helping at Performance Departments at Graduate level; I realized that a whole career could be defined by these few minutes auditions and competitions.


Is better to be totally prepare to control yourself under pressure and the learn how to deal with situation to be successful. This unique training program is for the people that want to be ready for auditions and be at their best level for a competition no matter which Music Major and type of audition is.


*Opportunities arrived when you do not spect those, thus the sooner you start this program in your career the better auditions and competitions skills you will have when you need those.

You will learn how to be successful in your auditions  and competitions through:

  • Application process coaching

  • Repertoire Building

  • Scheduling your study for upcoming Auditions/Competitions: Monthly/Weekly/Daily

  • Pre-Screening Coaching and Feedback

  • Sight reading practices and its Clues

  • Total Schedule of the week previous of the audition/competition

  • Body-fit and mind preparations

  • 4 Mosk Auditions/Competitions with their feedback (1 with Doctoral Level juries)

100% Successful Audition Rates

Students as soloists, winning orchestra spots and scholarships for their bachelor and graduate studies

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