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Taste and enjoy the Opera as a expert. Let the story, music and scene become alive in yourself thanks to a carefully designed and personalized experience for you and your guests. Re-discovering the opera with Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez, successful International Opera and Orchestra Conductor, you will enjoy a wine-meeting pre-opera session, the opera itself (in Bloomington by the Amazing IU Opera Department*) and a post-opera dinner. During these activities you will understand the opera in a deeper artistic perspective due to leaded conversations. You will re-discover the opera story, the characters and its characteristics, the composer and its music, the librettists, the current production, the current performers, and the whole connected history around the opera. Live the opera instead of just see it and enjoy exploring the insides of an Opera production.


Disclaimer: "The Opera Experience" is program of Barbosa-Vasquez/Academic and is not a associated with IU Opera Department. Our interaction with IU Opera Department is just as an audience enjoying the performance. For more information about the department, their season and buy tickets directly with them please visit:

Now Available at Bloomington Indiana (USA) 

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