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Free Music Career

Development Session

Ask for your Free Music Career Development Session in just few steps:

1. Share ( ) with your Facebook contacts with the numeral #Barbosa-Vasques/Private-Studio

2. Share ( ) with your LinkedIn contacts with the numeral #Barbosa-Vasques/Private-Studio

3.Give me a Like at my Oficial facebook page. ( )

4. Follow me at my Instagram

( )

5. Take screenshots of each shared.

6. Fill this form uploading the screenshots: Free Session 

7. It's done, just wait for the contact of Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez.

*The TOTALLY FREE Music Career Development Session is possible due to Intersociedad-E&P Foundation donations.
** The free Music Career Development Session has not academic credits for the Music Career Development Certificated Program


Sponsored by Intersociedad-E&P Foundation, in the free 20 min session you will know the basics of how to develop and manage your Music Career to be successful as musician.

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Music Career Development

Certificated Program

You will learn how to be successful in your career and how to manage:

  • Universities/Conservatories, Professors and Employment Choices

  • University Applications and Professional Cover Letters for Employments.

  • Artistic Branding (Creating you Artistic Image)

  • Marketing for Artists

  • Finances for Artists

  • CV and Bio Construction

  • Professional photos and videos development

  • Development of Career Networking

  • Artistic and Academic Contracts

  • And all focused in your specific necessities!

More info Click here!

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