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Music Career Development

Certificated Program


Know how to develop and manage you Music Career is the unique way to be successful as musician. Learn how to be financially successful and artistically happy with your music career.

Certificate Program of 3 Academic Modules of 4 months. 

3 Units per Module

Double titulation at USA and Colombia.

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If you want to have a successful career in Music you need to know which career is successful for you according with your desires and unique characteristics. But most important you need to know how to convert this dream into a reality. Most of the universities, conservatories and private music professors teach how to play, write or analyze music; but not how to be successful in the Music World and how to create the career that you want. This program is designed to teach you how to manage: Your career, Your Training Focuses and Your Universities/Conservatories, Professors and Employment Choices; all to achieve the music career that you want to pursue. From Doctoral Students of USA universities to musicians in their firsts steps, this Career Coaching program helps my students to achieve their Music Career Goals in the Music Classical Professional-Academic World.

You will learn how to be successful in your career and how to manage:

  • Universities/Conservatories, Professors and Employment Choices

  • University Applications and Professional Cover Letters for Employments.

  • Artistic Branding (Creating you Artistic Image)

  • Marketing for Artists

  • Finances for Artists

  • CV and Bio Construction

  • Professional photos and videos development

  • Development of Career Networking

  • Artistic and Academic Contracts

  • And all focused in your specific necessities!

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