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Private Music Classes


Barbosa-Vásquez - Private Studio

Voice  / Piano / Violin / Viola  / Composition  / Orchestration  / Music Theory  / Conducting  / Opera  / Orchestra  / Musical Theater / Choir / ...

For All Ages and All Levels!


Broadcasting your expertise at international level.


Polishing your art and career.


Becoming better in what you love.


Starting in music with the correct guidance.

Private Music Classes

By Barbosa-Vasquez Private-Studio

Helping people to enjoy the experience of Music and Art making no matter their level, age, or location...

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Study no matter which part of the world are you living.

The studio is mainly focused in online meetings, it helps us to create a correct and continuously weekly sessions no matter where you live or where I’m conducting. Due to my international responsibilities is the best solution while it helps my students to manage their time and their responsibilities easily.


In addition, students are welcome to come to my Studios in Los Ángeles (CA) - USA, Bloomington (IN) - USA, Bogotá - Colombia, Bursa - Türkiye, and Bodrum - Türkiye; to take classes in person with me (According to my Yearly Available Schedule).


Few Openings For In-Person Classes Available at

Bloomington, IN (USA) Studio

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Interested in 

A more demanding and Internationally Certified Program to enhance your profession or become a professional artists?

Check my


Sharing Music as a Way of Living

Internationally Certified Programs 

For Majors In:

Conducting (Opera, Orchestra, Choral and Ballet);

Performance (Voice, Piano, Violin, Viola);

Musical Theater, Music Ed, Music Theory, Composition, Orchestration, Musicology, and Music Business.

Barbosa-Vásquez/Private-Studio is the place for talented people around the globe that want to be trained in a challenging environment with an international perspective of musical level and artistic projection. With a carefully designed and personalized curriculum and close attention of me week by week; at the studio each student works hard to pursue an important career in music no matter which major is focused or which part of the world are they living.

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