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Multilevel Music Construction at Different Renowned Operas

Research for:

- Partial Fulfillment of Doctor in Music Degree at Indiana University - JSoM / Major in Opera, Orchestra, and Opera Conducting, Minors in Music Theory and Arts Administration

Multilevel Music Construction at Different Renowned Operas


Writing an Opera from scratch is a very complex and time-consuming endeavor, even if only the music element is considered. Multiple analyses have been done from the music theory field to help understand this process, identifying how the music is constructed. However, an element that has not been analyzed deeply is the multilevel singers’ skills influencing the music. The concept of having singers of different levels as the mediums to represent a musical idea and how these multilevel skills influence the way music is written. The present research analyzes the roles of four renowned operas (Il barbiere di Siviglia, La bohème, Falstaff, and Die Zauberflöte) and its level characteristics. Then, these levels are contrasted with the music written for them proving that the multilevel singer's setting influences the composer at the moment of write music for opera. This research looks to inspire other musicians to explore more into how the practical issues of performing and premiering Opera and to intrigue arts administrators to re-think the governance of the opera field allowing a broader spectrum of levels involved in a production.


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