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Online Music Teaching: Resources and Strategies - 1st Episode

First Episode: Is possible to teach Music online?

Music has specific difficulties to be aware of at the moment of online teaching. Many people don't know how to approach them. I designed these episodes to help you to understand the resources (free and very cheap), strategies, and solutions for problems with music online teaching.

Now, with the difficult quarantine moments, we are dealing with, I want to share the 15 years of successful Online Teaching experiences with the people that are wondering how Music Online teaching can be done properly. Therefore if you are a Music Professor/Teacher that wants to know how to deal with online music teaching or if you are a student looking to understand how you'll learn music online effectively: These Episodes are for you!!

In this first episode, you will explore the Online Music Teaching as a concept and how it can be done effectively. Remember to use the blog to ask questions. Also, program a private session to have coaching in Online Music Teaching at:

*Remember to share this information with your colleagues. Is the moment to collaborate all together and keep the music and its teaching going!

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Episode 2: DEFINING YOUR CURRICULUM: Learn how to define the best Online Resource.

Episode 3: INSIDES OF ONLINE TEACHING And the Music Challenges: Learn all the tips about online music teaching from a person that trained students to win competitions, university, and professional auditions and soloist experiences.


Scholarships at Barbosa-Vásquez/Private-Studio

Due to the Pandemic emergency that the world is challenging with, Intersociedad-E&P Foundation (Colombia) is helping to let musicians playing and teaching. In addition, of being the sponsor for the "Online Music Teaching Episodes", the foundation is offering Scholarships up to 75% of the tuition for the studio members.

This opportunity is also available for new students at the studio programs.

A great moment to learn music and/or improve your level...

Apply now for free at:

Who is Diego Barbosa-Vásquez?

The Professional Conductor:

I am an Opera and Orchestra Conductor with almost 12 years of international professional experience. As an ambassador of my country, Music Director, and guest conductor of different orchestras and opera companies, I've been enjoying the music and art around three continents. I enjoy my life sharing with professional musicians, students, and diverse societies of the world the power of art as a community developer. More info about me at

The Professor and Online Music Teacher:

As a pedagogue, I've been teaching music for almost 15 years at basic, middle, and advance levels. Always asking my self how to help musicians to become better, my students have been accepted to different universities and orchestras while experiencing soloist roles under my guidance. Also, I enjoy coaching professionals and graduate students from different parts of the world in various specialties. There my doctoral studies at Indiana University and my worldwide professional experiences as Opera and Orchestra Conductor have been allowing me to help them to become better professionals.

The online teaching arrived to me as a necessity. Because of my increasing international appointments, I needed to find a way to continue giving proper training to my students. And that's why I decided to start online music teaching four years ago through Barbosa-Vásquez/PrivateStudio.

In it, my students have been enjoying a personalized curriculum in 4 different certified programs. Music Career Development, Audition/Competition Expert, Music Performance Major, and Virtuoso Program. At my Private-Studio, my students enjoy regular weekly sessions no matter where they live or where I'm conducting.


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