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Music Major

Certificated Program

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With a totally personalized curriculum based in their specific needs, level and career desires; this program is perfect for musicians that wants to pursue a live in music as an international performer. Like Elite Gymnasts, the students (from basic to doctoral levels) will be training in a demanding program that will allow them to be at international musical levels with an international artistic presence.

Majors in:

+ Performance: Viola, Violin

+ Conducting: Choir, Opera, Orchestra

Certificate Program of 6 Academic Modules of 4 months. 

6 or 9 Units per Module Depending the Needs of each Specific Student

Double titulation at USA and Colombia.

You will be in a demanding program with:

  • Aural Music Training (Theory, Musicology, Musicianship and Solfege)

  • Technical Development: Instrumental (Scales, Technical Studios and Caprichos) / Conducting (Patterns, Tempos, Fermantas, Levares, Cuts, Breathing)

  • Sight Reading Development: Intrumental (Building Chamber and Orchestra Repertoire) / Conducting (Choral score reading, Score Reduction, Fast Works Analysis).

  • Interpretation Development: Instrumental (Building Solo and Concertos Repertoire) / Conducting (Works analysis and performance from different stylistic periods)

  • Memorization Development

  • International Competitions and Recitals Coaching

  • 2 Recitals Per Semester with International Audiences and Feedback

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