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26 years old Opera and Orchestra Conductor was named Ambassador of Colombia Country Brand

The dimension of the international career of the young maestro Barbosa-Vásquez fills all Colombians with pride. Therefore, PROCOLOMBIA has granted this distinction to maestro. A honor reserved for the most outstanding Colombian entrepreneurs, scientists, sportsmen and artists worldwide.

Since 2005, Colombia Country Brand has been in charge of positioning the positive image of the country abroad. This effort is made with the objective of attracting benefits to the country translated in investment, exports and increase of tourism. Colombian Country Brand is alliance where PROCOLOMBIA participate as an official government entity and private companies work together to make Colombia the best destination for international tourism and foreign investment.

Today Colombia is one of the main economic references of Latin America. Its growth can only be understood when its natural, human, environmental and cultural wealth are analyzed. But to analyze it, first we must to know it. Here is where the Ambassadors Colombian Country Brand, with its international trajectory, help all Colombia. From Rodolfo Llinás to Fernando Botero, through Gabriel García Márquez, Carlos Vives and Mariana Pajón. Who has not been excited, at least once, when is seeing a Colombian representing his country? Our cultural identity is enormous in different aspects. Therefore, maestro Diego Barbosa-Vasquez today adds to the task of making known the talent that Colombians have for symphonic, operatic and academic music in the whole world.

Born in Bogotá and graduated from Juan N. Corpas University. Young and talented Opera and Orchestra Conductor, as well as being an "example for the children and young people of our country" as portrayed by El Tiempo(Colombia), has begun to consolidate an artistic career that fills all Colombians with pride. It is referenced by specialized international press as "Musical Genius" and "Synonymous of energy, knowledge and security of high artistic quality". Always performing our Colombian music as part of the repertoire of his symphonic concerts, he was Guest Conductor for the 70 years Unicef ​​concert. In addition Guest Conductor of Youth Symphony Orchestra of El Salvador (El Salvador), Caldas Symphony Orchestra (Colombia) and the Founding Orchestra and Choir of Esperanza Azteca (Mexico). "It is a great honor for me to receive this distinction of Colombian Country Brand Ambassador...I hope with it, I can make visible to many people around the world the wonders that our country has," says the talented conductor.

Recognized by Colfuturo (Colombia) as "Talented Pride of Colombia" and graduated from the Franciscan Virrey Solís School, in Colombia the young maestro is Artistic Director of E&P Choir and Orchestra Program. He has also been Artistic and Musical Director of the Huila Philharmonic, E&P Symphonic Orchestra, Symphony of Huila Conservatory and Rock Symphony Orchestra. He was Principal Conductor of the Choirs E&P: Cajicá, Colina and Aparecida; Coral Director of “Tocar y Luchar” Cafam-Colombia and Head of the Virrey Solís-E&P Conservatory.

He is currently a candidate for Master in Music in Conducting (Opera and Orchestra) at zusa Pacific University (APU) in California-USA, where less than a month after his arrival he made his symphonic debut with resounding success and great international media coverage. At his university he serves as Assistant Conductor of the APU Symphony Orchestra and the APU Opera Company. He highlights his position as a graduate assistant to the Director of the Department of Performing Arts at APU, from where he hopes to help many Colombians to perform their master's and artist certificate programs at this university.

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