Colombiano Dirige Ópera y Orquesta en Europa representando a América Latina: III Concurso Internaci

El maestro Barbosa-Vásquez será el único colombiano que representará a América Latina en la importante competencia europea. El evento será a principios de octubre de 2018, donde el "Talento Orgullo de Colombia" estará al lado de los directores de ópera y orquesta más relevantes del mundo. English Version: Del 2 al 8 de octubre, Matera-Italia reunirá a las promesas más importantes en el mundo de la Dirección de ópera y orquesta. El III Concurso Internacional de Conducción Nino Rota se realizará en el Auditorio R. Gervasio y el público podrá ver la competencia. La orquesta seleccionada para el evento es la Orquesta Magna de Grecia. Después de una selección muy competitiva

Colombian Conducts Opera and Orchestra in Europe representing Latin-America: III International Condu

Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez will be the unique Colombian representing LatinAmerica at the important European competition. The event will be at early October 2018, where the "Talented Pride of Colombia" will be side by side with the more relevant Opera and Orchestra Conductors in the globe. Version en Español: From October 2nd to 8th, Matera Italy will have the more important promises of the opera and orchestra conducting world together. The III International Conducting Competition Nino Rota will be performed in the Auditorium R. Gervasio and the public can see the competition. The selected orchestra for the event is the Orchestra of Magna Grecia. After a very competitive se

6 Rules to be Successful in a Music Career

How to make money and be artistically coherent with yourself without drive you crazy in the process?? Not only your Music Diploma (BM, MA, MMus or DMA) is important, you need to learn which training (universities, conservatories, programs) and professional options are good for you and how to use those professionally to be really successful in your career. Study with a recognized private professor, or in a good university or conservatory is just a part of building your career. The average curriculum of those programs do not train students in how to be successful in their careers and use their skills and knowledge to win good money and create the career that they want. These curriculums usual

45 Ways to Win Money as Classical Musician

You know other ways to win money as musician? Let us know at the blog!!! SONGWRITER AND COMPOSER REVENUE 1. Publisher Advance Bulk payment to songwriter/composer as part of a publishing deal. Paid to songwriter/composer by publishing company. 2. Mechanical Royalties Royalties generated through the licensed reproduction of recordings of your songs — either physical or digital. Paid to songwriter/composer by publisher, label, Harry Fox, or digital aggregator like CD Baby or TuneCore. 3. Commissions Typically a request from an ensemble, presenter, orchestra or other entity for a composer to create an original work for them. 4. Public Performance (PRO) Royalties Royalties generated when your son

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