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6 Rules to be Successful in a Music Career

How to make money and be artistically coherent with yourself without drive you crazy in the process??

Not only your Music Diploma (BM, MA, MMus or DMA) is important, you need to learn which training (universities, conservatories, programs) and professional options are good for you and how to use those professionally to be really successful in your career. Study with a recognized private professor, or in a good university or conservatory is just a part of building your career. The average curriculum of those programs do not train students in how to be successful in their careers and use their skills and knowledge to win good money and create the career that they want. These curriculums usually do not teach you which universities and possible professional experiences are good for you while you are being trained. And more important, how to get those! No matter how many diplomas do you get, if you do not know how to develop your career, you will never live financially and artistically happy as musician.

Thus, I want to share with you some rules that I am sure will be helpful for any musician. No matter your level training (pre-college, undergrad, master or doctorate student) know how to build your career is a crucial part to be successful. If you find those rules helpful you, share those with your friends, they probably can find those helpful too.

1st / Be yourself

  • Do not try to copy other artist, even if those are your heroes

  • Define who you are as artist

  • Review other artists similar careers and define why you are unique

  • Let trained and experience people guide you

2nd / Define the career that you want

  • Be artistically honest with yourself: Why I'm a musician and what I want to do?

  • Review many possible paths: *This is a short and fast source that probably will help you: 45 Ways to Win Money as Classical Musician

  • Be honest with the amount of work that you need to get the career that you want

3rd / Know the career that you want

  • Lean on the experience (talk with people that is working on the field)

  • Read as much you can about the career

  • Understand the experience, skills and knowledge that your career asks

  • Try to find a volunteer job on it

4th / Define Goals and possible steps

  • You can get whatever you want if you are able to work whatever each career requires

  • Analyze what experience, skills and knowledge you need to develop to be at the career that you want. Set those as your goals

  • Create clear and realistic steps to get your goals. *You need help with this or other steps? Request a free Music Career Development Session to help you HERE - It is FREE

5th / Create the Network that you need

  • Without people there is not career. ALL IS HUMAN NETWORKING

  • Be kind and respectful always

  • Every career is different and requires specific people involved. Know the people that you need to be involved with.

  • Create a solid networking to work with.

6th / Be a Great Musician

You want to know more tools and strategies to develop your career? Visit the Music Career Development Program

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