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Latin-America is Leading a USA Opera Summer Camp

Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez and Maestra Liliana Rocha (both Colombians) are the Music Director and Art & Design Director of the Collaborative Arts Summer Camp - Opera for the Community in Los Angeles County.

Version en Español:

When you think in the opera you are talking about one of the most complex arts in the world. In fact, the word means all the arts becoming an unique art. Since many years ago, the opera started to be relegated just to few people, but that was not the original essence of it. The opera was a unique spectacle that can cohere Music (orchestra and singing), Acting, Dance and Art & Design. The opera was created to be accessible to the people and this is what is happening in Los Angeles County, California (USA). “Our goal is train and educate the community as Artists in the Opera World real environment and challenges” says Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez (Colombian) Music Director of the Opera Summer Camp.

For one complete week, Los Angeles will enjoy an opera made by his own community. Produced by the Azusa Conservatory of Music, the Opera Summer Camp will be focused in Youth people training as a way to encourage them and the community to be involved with the arts. From middle school students to their parents and bachelor music major students, the program is designated to challenged every participant being aware of their artistic levels and possibilities.”We create specific parts to every participant and in addition we have special faculty members that works with every person almost one by one in order to get their better results in the process” Describes Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez.

Since the official poster of the performance, the Opera Summer Camp gives to the people the sense of what this program is focused, allow every student to participate in the creative process and be an Artists. “Each student created their own drawings and text based on what they wanted to express… after it we did a curatorial and setting process in order to get a poster using the Children’s works” says Maestra Liliana Rocha (Colombian) the Art & Design director of the Opera Summer Camp.

Orchestra, Sing-Acting-Dance (Soloist, Choir) and Art&Desing are the majors that the student can apply. In addition, the student can select Electives in Advance Orchestra, Art, Dance, Choir-Acting and Composition as part of the same Opera Summer Camp. “As a Latin American is a huge honor be the Music Director of the Program. It reflects how important is our continent in the arts and opera development in the globe.” Says Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez.

When and where?

Opera Summer Camp:

June11 - June 16 (2018)

Warren Music Building - East Campus - APU (Azusa, California, EEUU


Munson Chapel Auditorium - East Campus - APU (Azusa, California, EEUU) Google maps: Saturday 16th June, 2018 - 3:00 pm

Free Admission

For more information about the Opera Summer Camp and 2019 registrations please review: / or contact:


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