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Colombian Conducts Tchaikovsky’s 5th at California

Leaded by the clarity, level of detail and energy of the Colombian “Musical Genius”, the APU Symphony Orchestra will perform the fascinating work to open its Spring Season 2018.

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“An amazing musical journey” as is described by maestro Barbosa-Vasquez, is what the audience is going to experiment at the concert that opens the spring-2018 season of APU Symphony Orchestra. The selected work for this concert is the marvelous Tchaikovsky’s 5th symphony. A worldwide known symphony, performed and recorded by many important orchestras and conductors around the world, is a great masterpiece, and this is concert that you won't want to missed.

“Is important to know and analyse other performances, but most important is offer something different to the music” states maestro Barbosa-Vasquez about the way that he is approaching this challenge. The difficulties of the symphony reside in the balance of the orchestra and the extended form that creates a long story of almost 50 minutes expresses with enthusiasm the maestro. “Those facts require very carefully work with the orchestra in order to create the correct bombastic points of energy where Tchaikovsky wants…those need to be matched in a coherent relation to the lovely melodies and smooth textures placed in the whole symphony” talks maestro Barbosa-Vasquez. “I’m very excited about this concert, the piece is amazing and we will have the opportunity to perform Colombia Tierra Querida as anchor, something that I usually do with international orchestras giving to them the opportunity to know about Latin-American music with its whole concept of music-philosophy”

Clearly, maestro Barbosa-Vasquez is creating a very important path as international Opera and Orchestra conductor. Less than a year after started his master degree in Opera and Orchestra Conducting at APU-California, this concert will be his grad-recital. A fact that is a result of his experience not common seen in a master level degree. “Since the first time Diego contacted me I was impressed about his experience, style and care of details…he has important international experience as professional conductor” said Maestro Russell, professor of maestro Barbosa-Vasquez at APU. The USA maestro, graduated from the prestigious Indiana University, highlights the Colombian talent and his level as opera and orchestra conductor. “I was immediately able to give concerts to him… whatever work I gave to him he will do a great job in concert” states with enthusiasm maestro Russell when is asked about the “Talent Pride of Colombia”.

But the primarily goal of maestro Barbosa-Vasquez is the relation with the orchestra. “My role as conductor is inspire people through my example helping and leading them to create their best possible performance” says the conductor. Something that he has certainly achieved because less than a year working with the APU symphony orchestra as Grad Student, the orchestra and its principal conductor are very happy working with the Colombian maestro. “Is amazing, is one of the best conductors which I’ve ever worked… he feels deeply the music and the orchestra” Ednaldo Dos Santos (Brasil - Principal Clarinet APU Symphony). “Is very clear and everything is perfect with him... always knows what he wants and how to achieve it” Jared Storz (USA - Principal Cello APU Symphony).

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¿Where and When? Munson Chapel Auditorium - East Campus - APU (Azusa, California, EEUU) Google maps: Wednesday 17th January, 2018 - 7:30 pm

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