26 years old Opera and Orchestra Conductor was named Ambassador of Colombia Country Brand

The dimension of the international career of the young maestro Barbosa-Vásquez fills all Colombians with pride. Therefore, PROCOLOMBIA has granted this distinction to maestro. A honor reserved for the most outstanding Colombian entrepreneurs, scientists, sportsmen and artists worldwide. (Versión en Español) Since 2005, Colombia Country Brand has been in charge of positioning the positive image of the country abroad. This effort is made with the objective of attracting benefits to the country translated in investment, exports and increase of tourism. Colombian Country Brand is alliance where PROCOLOMBIA participate as an official government entity and private companies work together to make C

Director de Ópera y Orquesta de 26 Años es nombrado Embajador Marca Colombia

La dimensión de la carrera internacional del joven maestro Barbosa-Vásquez llena de orgullo a todos los colombianos, por ello PROCOLOMBIA le ha otorgado esta distinción reservada para los más sobresalientes empresarios, científicos, deportistas y artistas colombianos a nivel internacional. (English Version) Desde 2005, Marca Colombia se ha encargado de posicionar la imagen positiva del país en el extranjero todo esto con el objetivo de atraer beneficios al país traducidos en inversión, exportaciones y aumento del turismo. En esta alianza participan PROCOLOMBIA como ente gubernamental oficial y empresas privadas que buscan convertir a Colombia en el mejor destino para el turismo internaciona

Critical Analysis of: "An Examination of Vibrato: Use Options for Late Renaissance Vocal Music&

An Examination of Vibrato: Use Options for Late Renaissance Vocal Music By Christopher Jackson Critical Analysis by Diego Barbosa-Vásquez Dr. Jackson explores the stylistic use of vibrato in the Late Renaissance Vocal Music. Two opposed schools (“Straight Tone School” and “Natural Vibrato School”) are described by the author in order to explain the most important approaches on the stylistic discussion of renaissance vibrato. To clarify those opposed solutions, Dr. Jackson creates an interesting analysis of primary sources that give the reader interesting clues of the vibrato that was used in Late Renaissance. The article ends with an experiment in order to clarify the most adequate vibrato

Missa in Angustiis by Haydn - Analysis by Diego Barbosa-Vásquez

In the Spring of 2017, I had the pleasure of prepare the APU Orchestra for the Maestro John Sutton at Azusa Pacific University at Los Angeles County. The piece is so powerful, this a recording of the piece by Oslo Camerata/Det Norske Blåseensemble & Solistkor Oslo Berit Norbakken Solset Also, I did an Analysis of the piece for some of my colleagues. Here you'll find the presentation slides that I made about the Missa in Angustiis by Haydn. A piece that is also known us: Mass for Troubled Times Or Nelson Mass Hob. XXII/11 ©DiegoBarbosa-Vásquez/Mar2017 *Please remember to ask in the blog in case of any question, and let me know if you are interested in see the whole presentation in video... ©D

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