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American Identity in the Classical Music

Barbosa-Vásquez is invited along with other outstanding leaders of the American Music Industry for an event hosted by Indiana University and the Office of Entrepreneurship & Career Development of the prestigious Jacobs School of Music.

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Daniel Mallampalli: Coordinator of Artistic Planning and Humanities for the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Don Freund: Professor of Composition at the JSoM Indiana University

Steven Banks: Assistant Professor of Saxophone at Ithaca College

Carmen-Helena Téllez: Professor of conducting at the University of Notre Dame. Ex-Director of the Latin American Music Center of Indiana University

Diego Barbosa-Vásquez: Music Director of The Americas Chamber Orchestra (Bloomington, IN) and the Opera Summer Camp - CASC (Los Angeles California-USA)

The Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez's perspective about American identity in classical music embraces the multicultural characteristic. An identity where multiple countries and cultures converge and the whole world can be heard. For the full perspective please visit: Multicultural Characteristic of the American Identity in Classical Music.

Official Message from JSoM: Entrepreneurship & Career Development:

Please join us for an illuminating conversation about music, programming, and identity in America, as we anticipate the July 4th weekend. With so much to think about in classical music these days, the five guests will offer their perspectives on what makes music meaningful in America, how we can rethink some of our assumptions, and what the future may herald.

When and where:

Friday, July 3 (2020), from 12-1pm (USA - ET)

More information at:

Why is Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez part of this conversation with other outstanding leaders of the American Music Industry ?

Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez has been an ambassador of our continent in different parts of the world. His commitment to supporting American talent in different regions of the continent is unmistakable. Working with various orchestras as Music Director, Guest Conductor, and arts ambassador, the maestro has had the opportunity to interact with multiple cultures and music within the American Continent.

In addition, his job as Opera and Orchestra Conductor at an international level also highlights the best of the continent. From several American music premieres under his baton to multiple acclaimed performances of standard European repertoire but with his American perspective, Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez is enjoying a prolific career with critiques as: "... synonym of energy, vitality, knowledge, and security of high artistic quality when a musical group is under his baton..." (Nuestras Bandas de Música - España 3 - Nov - 2016) or "…You will delight your ears with the conducting of Musical Genius…" ( El Mundo - El Salvador 8 - Nov - 2016 ).

For more information about Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez please visit:


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