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Latin America seeks to shine with Colombian in the European Opera

Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez, just 27 years old, will be the representative by Colombia and Latin America in the prestigious International Opera Conductors Competition in Liege-Belgium conducting more than 200 artists.

The young Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez did not finish rejoicing with his appointment as Musical and Artistic Director of the World Music Symphony Orchestra in California-USA (Complete News), when he received the great news that he would be the unique Colombian in representation of Latin America for this important contest. "From the moment I found out, marathon work began, looking for the resources to attend and trying to understand all the study that was coming to make a correct preparation," says Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez who takes with huge responsibility his participation between August 18th to 27th this year.

The demand for an international conductors competition in Europe is very high. Each conductor has the task of leading, without place to rehearsals and only with his gestures and charisma, to more than 70 musicians in the orchestra. Musicians that can have more than 30 years of experience each. "You must inspire everyone by having strong arguments supporting all your musical decisions ... everything you should show there is no time to talk." That is why the average age of a conductor's competition is much higher than an instrument. In the case of this competition is 31 years making the colombian Maestro as one of the youngest.

However the demand of this competition is much higher, being a real pride that a Latin American is in this case part of the event demonstrating that our region begins to position itself in European music with great force. For being an Opera Conductors Competition, this event of the Royal Opera of Wallonie (Liege-Belgium) is practically unique in its type. Not only is it composed by a full symphony orchestra but also by a professional choir, a youth choir and international soloists. This not only increase the difficulty in the number of people to lead but also incorporate the theatrical component. As is well known conducting opera is a supremely complex art "As a musical director you should focus on the music but reflecting and being sensitive to the story, the dramatic line, the choreography, and the innate spark of each soloist to build a work of total art as reviewed by Wagner. "

The preparation of the Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez to address this competition has been intense. He has had to learn from zeros 3 complete operas (La Boheme de Puccini, Carmen de Bizet and Falstaff de Verdi) plus 5 additional overtures. The work is marathon "normally a conductor takes 1 to 2 years of preparation for opera" says the maestro who has only had 3 months since his participation was confirmed to prepare the repertoire. It is noteworthy that the operas are in Italian and French added English as the link language among all international artists. Because of this, the preparation includes balanced meals and 2 hours of gym per day that have allowed him to endure long study days due to "every opera has an average duration of 2 hours and a quarter, it is necessary to be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally."

It is a pride for Colombia and Latin America that a young conductor is part of this event which can be followed through the official pages of the maestro: //

Become a sponsor to support Maestro in this competition and the development of his international career:

Official Website of the Opera Royal de Wallonie:


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