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This is a place to share with you who are the people and organizations that support my work and efforts as Opera and Orchestra Conductor, making visible the importance of music and art for the society. It is an admirable family that allows me to help and create valuable changes in tons of lives around the globe with the power of music. Your help is essential too, any amount counts!

I will use your support to continue transforming lives in many countries, Donate now!

To become an official sponsor (Donations: $3000.00 USD or more) and take advantage of the marketing and taxes benefits please contact directly: barbosa.vasquez@gmail.com

Here you can see some examples of projects with huge social impact where I am (were) involved. These projects are changing the lives of thousands of families and your support allow me to support projects like those. *More at my website, photos, and blog...

Special dedication to my family, my mother, brother, wife and grandmother (QEPD): My most important "sponsors"



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American Identity in the Classical Music

June 30, 2020

Call for Scores 2020 TheACO (The Americas Chamber Orchestra)

June 4, 2020

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