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Be an Opera and Orchestra Conductor is a very difficult profession. Is a way of life that not only requires a lot of talent, but also a high level training and a complete dedication day by day to improve and perfect your art. Those elements require many people involved who constantly are helping you to be successful in the challenges that you need to solve everyday. This is a place to share with you who are the people that helped me in the begging of my career and now are supporters of this amazing dream. Your help is important too!!! Donate now:

To become an official sponsor (Donations: $2000.00 USD or more) and take advantage of the marketing and taxes benefits please contact directly: barbosa.vasquez@gmail.com

Special dedication to my family, my mother, brother, wife and grandmother (QEPD): My most important "sponsors"

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Barbosa-Vásquez is the Music Director of The Americas Chamber Orchestra

February 4, 2020

Barbosa-Vásquez Conducts at Indiana University

October 28, 2019

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