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26 year old Colombian appointed as Music & Artistic Director of the World Music Symphony Orchest

After his successful debut in February of the current year in USA, Maestro Diego Barbosa-Vásquez has been appointed by the Conservatory of Music of APU in California as Music & Artistic Director of it’s newly formed World Music Symphony Orchestra

The Colombian "musical genius" career continues to rise. To his international achievements as a guest conductor today he joins his first foreign position as Music & Artistic Director and nothing less than in California, one of the most important cultural meccas in the world. This young and talented 26-year-old Opera and Orchestra Director, who has been based in California since January of this year, has been consolidating an international career that, in the words of the Colombian Foreign Ministry, "fills all Colombians with pride". Referenced by the International Press Specialized as "Musical Genius" and "... synonymous with energy, knowledge and safety of a high artistic quality ..." Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez is also the Official Ambassador of Colombia Country Brand.

Nowadays, he is very enthusiastic about his first international position as chief conductor. "The orchestra bases its repertoire on the most representative musics of the nationalities that converge in California, creating a great vision of the world through music", says Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez . The orchestra belongs to the Conservatory of Music of Azusa Pacific University which has provided the stability and the necessary support for a enterprise of this caliber. This symphonic project in California has started with a summer program with talented young people who have found in the orchestra a unique environment of high level musical development and international cultural exchange. "We have a faculty that goes from our composer in residence who is Nigerian or our viola teacher with Filipino ancestry. "

Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez has been preparing the repertoire of the orchestra and is looking forward to its debut in July 2017. "This is an effort of many people, both the faculty of the orchestra as our Staff and the conservatory are fundamental part of the great gear needed for an orchestra, I am happy that we are a great team, "said the talented Colombian maestro.


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