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Barbosa-Vásquez is the Music Director of The Americas Chamber Orchestra

After his successful debut at Indiana University in Nov of 2019, Maestro Diego Barbosa-Vásquez is now the Music Director of the orchestra that gathers highlighted musicians in a democratic structure of self running organization.

The career of the charismatic Colombian Maestro continues to rise. Since last January 2nd (2020), he is the Music Director of a very special orchestra. Similar as Berlin Philharmonic or the Berlin Philharmonic or the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, at The Americas Chamber Orchestra the musicians assume the responsibility for financial as well as artistic management. The orchestra gathers talented musicians from different countries of the world with the clear mission of impact the communities with the transformative power of music and the chamber orchestra practice.

Perform side by side works from the whole American continent as same as the standard European and new worldwide contemporary repertoire is the principal artistic axis of the orchestra's artistic vision. “As Americans our blood is a mixture of cultures. We are a unique continent that congregates the whole world and our mission with the orchestra is create awareness of that designing programs and performances that are looking to empower the society in this aspect” Says maestro Barbosa-Vásquez.

Based at Bloomington Indiana, town of the prestigious Jacobs School of Music of Indiana University, the Orchestra will have its first Spring 2020 Concert on Feb 23rd at the Recital Hall, Merrill Hall of Jacobs School of Music at 1 pm. There, they will be performing works of Rossini, Elgar, Cueto, Bizet and Bermudez/Trujillo with the amazing MezzoSoprano Elizaveta Agladze from Russia as soloist. A great concert full of emotions and countries involved. “Is a great honor to make music with this amazing musicians as its Music Director, I am sure will be an great experience for the orchestra, the soloist, the audience and myself too"

Highlighting that the orchestra fells proud of having the opportunity to premier the orchestra Version of "Lambras", a vocal piece by the Peruvian composer Daniel Cueto. The Colombian Maestro states that “having the opportunity to perform Colombian, British, Peruvian, Italian and French music all at the same concert and with the same detailed work for all pieces, is a way to show the richness of our culture from the musical production and from the chamber orchestra practice”. Currently in the last process of preparation before the beginning of rehearsals, the Maestro is very excited for the upcoming concert "I am waiting many Colombians to come to the concert, is not very common to listen to Colombia Tierra Querida with a full orchestra and at less common in USA, I am sure they will enjoy the great arrangement of my friend Oscar Trujillo"

¿Where and When?

Recital Hall (Merrill Hall Building) / Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (Bloomington, Indiana, EEUU)

Sunday 23rd February, 2020 - 1:00 pm

*Pre-Concert Talk with the Composer and CEO of the Orchestra: 12:30 pm

Free Admission

Full Program:

The Americas Chamber Orchestra

Diego Barbosa-Vásquez / Music Director

Rossini, Semiramide, Overture

Elgar, Sea Pictures*

Cueto, Lambras*

Bizet, Carmen - Habanera*

Bermudez/Trujillo, Colombia Tierra Querida

*Elizaveta Agladze, Mezzo Soprano

^Photo by Andrea Marulanda (


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