Critical Analysis of: Origins and performance of accompanied keyboard music in France

Origins and performance of accompanied keyboard music in France by Mary Cyr Critical Analysis By Diego Barbosa-Vásquez The article describes the development of keyboard music with others instruments accompanied it. Through the article, the Canadian musicologist argue that the process was a continual development from the Basso Continuo practice with important improvisational aspects in terms of the instrumental colors selected by composers and performers. Important aspects of the analysis of the scores as a way to understand the music but not as an absolute are important advances in the field for not only pianist but also for any musician. In addition, the author is very organized in give ser

Dynamics Reflections for Baroque Concertos

Research for: - - Partial Fulfillment of M.M. in Opera and Orchestra Conducting at APU. Dynamics Reflections for Baroque Concertos Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons: Summer Abstract The amount of dynamics in the baroque scores is substantially less existing compared to latest eras as classicism or romanticism. Despite the fact of the first assumption of flatter possible performances in terms of dynamics, this music is enriched by the use of many dynamic changes and a careful treatment of the balance. In addition, the baroque invention of the concerto and its specificities requirements for dynamics and balance, with a soloist against a bigger group, redefines the way

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