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Colombian & Latin America at the 11th European Orchestra Festival of EOFed.

From May 10th to 13th, the Colombian “Musical Genius” will be the guest lecturer from Latin America at Bergen-Norway.

Version en Español:

Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez have been consolidating an important international career as Opera and Orchestra Conductor. His appointments in Latin America, United States and Europe are increasing and the artists that have been working with him are impressed about the artistic results that the Colombian maestro is achieving (see other news). Important appointments as conductor are confirmed for the future and more are coming in the Maestro’s calendar.

Now a new appointment for the official Ambassador of Colombia Country Brand is coming in the old continent, more precisely in Norway in the frame of the 11th European Orchestra Festival of EOFed. Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez will be the Lecturer representing LatinAmerica at the Conference ‘Introduction to Orchestra Activities in Developing Countries’ Organized by the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras (WFAO) In collaboration with the Norwegian Federation of Youth Orchestras (UNOF) and the Norwegian Federation of Amateur Orchestras (Nasol).

This appointment shows the relevance that the career of maestro Barbosa-Vasquez has at the international environment being consider an expert in the orchestra and opera field. The title of the Colombian conference is: “Developing Orchestras in Each Rehearsal” and will be focused in how a conductor can create an outstanding development in the orchestra based in the organization of their rehearsals. “This knowledge can be extrapolate to different areas of the groups interaction and development. From the Management are Human Resources fields in companies, to the social interactions in a society and the team work in university fields” argues Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez while remarks the importance of the Latin American Orchestras successful examples that he will share at the conferences.

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