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The XXI Century Orchestra - El Salvador Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Youth Symphony Orchestra of El Salvador begins its 2020 season in a virtual way led by Maestro Diego Barbosa-Vásquez.

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The season, which celebrates the orchestra's 25-year history, will begin virtually and will focus on the transformative power of music for the reconstruction of the social fabric.

The video that accompanies this review recounts the work that the national youth orchestra will carry out in the coming weeks. The work will have three transversal axes: Understanding who we are, understanding where we come from, and understanding the potential and opportunities that a crisis can give us. All these done through the learning, interpretation, and recording of "El Carbonero" by Francisco Lara and Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Likewise, the project will count on the participation of ex-members of the orchestra. People who will share with the new current musicians their experiences in a series of workshops, conferences, master classes, and forums led by the Colombian maestro Diego Barbosa-Vásquez. An opportunity to understand the legacy and tradition that the orchestra has developed in these 25 years of work towards building a better country through music.

On his fourth visit to El Salvador, this time in a virtual way due to the world crisis, maestro Barbosa-Vásquez emphasizes the importance of music and orchestral practice for society. "In moments where families are far apart, and societies are diluted by the pandemic, music and the orchestra allow us to re-encounter ourselves as human beings." Says the master Barbosa-Vásquez. "The artistic practice is one of the fundamental pillars of being human. For this reason, we are going to start the orchestra season in a virtual way since these are the moments when we need art the most to re-build our society ".

Likewise, this project wishes to share with the entire Salvadoran and Spanish-speaking community in the world the transforming power of music. For this reason, the orchestra invites everyone to join through the orchestra's Facebook ( ) Every Monday at 5 pm (El Salvador time) / 6 pm (Colombia) / 7 pm (USA-EST) for the live broadcast of the conferences and interviews. A place to share reflections on the works that the orchestra will perform and learn about the life stories that the Youth Symphony Orchestra of El Salvador has transformed during the 25 years of history.

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