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Get a Prestigious Experience around the Opera including:

  • Whole Rides from your House/Hotel to the activities (Do not bother in drive that night, just enjoy your drinks and a great Opera Experience)

  • Wine Pre-Opera Session

  • Opera Tickets in Orchestra Center or 1st Balcony according to your desire.*

  • Restaurant Dinner (1 Starter, 1 Main Course/Dish, 1 Cocktail or Beer, 1 Dessert per person)**

*According with the Music Arts Center available seats for the selected day.

If you already have the tickets, please specify it in the reservation in order to discount those from the total cost.

**For additional food/beverage/drinks requests additional charges may apply.


Taste and enjoy the Opera as a expert. Let the story, music and scene become alive in yourself thanks to a carefully designed and personalized experience for you and your guests. Re-discovering the opera with Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez, successful International Opera and Orchestra Conductor, you will enjoy a wine-meeting pre-opera session, the opera itself (in Bloomington by the Amazing IU Opera Department*) and a post-opera dinner. During these activities you will understand the opera in a deeper artistic perspective due to leaded conversations. You will re-discover the opera story, the characters and its characteristics, the composer and its music, the librettists, the current production, the current performers, and the whole connected history around the opera. Live the opera instead of just see it and enjoy exploring the insides of an Opera production.


Disclaimer: "The Opera Experience" is program of Barbosa-Vasquez/Academic and is not a associated with IU Opera Department. Our interaction with IU Opera Department is just as an audience enjoying the performance. For more information about the department, their season and buy tickets directly with them please visit:

Hansel & Gretel (Nov 3/2018) / Opera Experience (2 people)

  • ACT I


    In the broom-maker’s house. Hansel complains he is hungry. Gretel shows him some milk that a neighbor has given for the family’s supper. The children dance. Their mother returns and wants to know why they have got so little work done. She accidentally spills the milk and chases the children out into the woods to pick strawberries.

    Their father, a broom-maker, returns home drunk. He brings out the food he has bought, then asks where the children have gone. The mother tells him that she has sent them into the woods. He tells her about the Witch who lives there, and that the children are in danger. They go out into the woods to look for them.


    ACT II


    In the woods. Hansel picks strawberries. The children hear a cuckoo singing and eat the strawberries. Soon they have eaten every one. In the sudden silence of the wood, Hansel admits to Gretel that he has lost the way. The children grow frightened. 
    The Sandman comes to bring them sleep, sprinkling sand over their eyes. The children say their evening prayer. In a dream, they see 14 angels.




    The gingerbread house. The Dew Fairy comes to waken the children. Gretel wakes Hansel, and they see the gingerbread house. They do not notice the Witch. The Witch decides to fatten Hansel up and puts a spell on him. The oven is hot. Gretel breaks the Witch’s spell and sets Hansel free. When the Witch asks her to look in the oven, she pretends she doesn’t know how to: the Witch must show her. When the Witch peers into the oven, the children shove her inside and shut the door. The oven explodes. The gingerbread children come back to life. The mother and father find the children, and all express gratitude for their salvation.

    —Courtesy Welsh National Opera

  • For reservation please send an email to: requesting your reservation and the number of guests. 

    You'll receive the confirmation of the reservation and the payment procedure information.

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