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Artistic Models to Develop Orchestras and Opera Companies

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- Guest Lecturer representing Colombia and LatinAmerica at the General Assembly Singapore - 2019 "Developing Orchestras: Models and Trends”. Event organized by the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras in collaboration with the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. (

Artistic Models to Develop Orchestras and Opera Companies

Successful Models for Youth and Amateur Orchestras and Opera Companies


The real development of an orchestra or opera company starts with a clear artistic proposal. As same as a vague financial and administrative model will lead the organization to its die, a vague artistic vision will create very serious problems in the institution. Working together with the administrative group, every artistic team needs to secure that the whole organization understand very carefully its artistic view, goals and direction; but previous of that, the team needs to decide and create its model. The present paper will analyzes successful models to develop the orchestra an opera company organization from the artistic point of view since the people involved and the necessary processes to define its artistic vision. With orchestra and opera examples from Latin-America, USA and Europe; the paper will be focused in analyze the important artistic elements to be consider at the moment of achieve a correct use of the available budget and a correct branding of the organization. Furthermore, strategies of musically and artistically growth of the orchestra and opera companies will be discussed while the successful artistic team models will be explained. From the artistic planning of the season until the rehearsals and concerts, the paper will be supported by the artistic thoughts of Musin, Hunsberger and the advances on the field on Barbosa-Vásquez works[1].

[1] Diego Barbosa-Vásquez, “Reflexiones Sobre los Elementos Motivacionales de las Técnicas de Ensayo”. Bogotá, Colombia: MONOGRAFIA DE GRADO Fundación Universitaria Juan N.

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