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“Folkloric or Popular Music” Influences in the Opera


As an art and entertainment, Opera aims to be as close as possible to the people. It is precisely the reason to merge music, sung drama, and spectacle as a single complete art allowing multiple people to enjoy Opera from different perspectives. Different scholars have shared that Opera finds its community connections mainly in the cutting-edge spectacle developments at the theater to impress audiences. Similarly, approaches have been made to the stories for the Operatic librettos. These studies state that librettos create connections by connecting them to the topics the society was talking about when the Opera was composed. However, there is not much analysis of how the music created to portray those stories is also a powerful tool to create audience connections. By describing some well-known operas, the present paper describes the influences of "Folkloric-Popular" music on Operatic music. With the Vectoral Analysis as a framework, the present research describes the concept of Folkloric-Popular Music and how Opera creators have used the tunes, songs, and/or Folkloric-Popular genres characteristics; to create deeper connections between the audiences and the music created for Opera.


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