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Developing the Orchestra in Each Rehearsal

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- Lecturer representing Latin América at the 11th European Orchestra Festival of EOFed. Conference ‘Introduction to Orchestra Activities in Developing Countries’ Organized by the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras (WFAO). // In collaboration with the Norwegian Federation of Youth Orchestras (UNOF) and the Norwegian Federation of AmateurOrchestras (Nasol).

Developing the Orchestra in Each Rehearsal

Conducting Strategies to develop Youth and Semi-Professional Orchestras


The present paper is focused in describe how a conductor leads and define the development of an orchestra with his/her organization of rehearsals. Based in the orchestra musical and artistic level and their specific necessities, the conductor needs to define the better strategies to be successful with them. With the flexibility of a youth or semi-professional orchestra in terms of rehearsals, the type of them is a crucial aspect to be consider by him/her with the support and consensus of the orchestra board and staff. The present paper describes and analyzes three important types of rehearsals (partial, sectionals and tuttis) successfully used in Latin-American youth and semi-professional orchestras. An analysis supported by rehearsal techniques of Musin, Hunsberger and the advances on the field on Barbosa-Vásquez works[1]. Furthermore, each kind of rehearsal is analyzed with the rehearsals and concerts of Barbosa-Vásquez as conductor with Latin-American orchestras, giving to the theoretical aspect of each rehearsal type, a practical and actual activity and results to be compared with. In addition, it clarifies the benefits of each kind of rehearsal with the specific music and artistic level of a youth or semi-professional orchestras.

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[1] Diego Barbosa-Vásquez, “Reflexiones Sobre los Elementos Motivacionales de las Técnicas de Ensayo”. Bogotá, Colombia: MONOGRAFIA DE GRADO Fundación Universitaria Juan N. Corpas.

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