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The Concert in 4D

Nowadays, the Orchestra Music is challenging to do not die within the saturated entertainment industry. As a part of a very competitive field, orchestras are struggling to design seasons and concerts that create interaction with their audience and a good artistic development in the orchestra. But neither thinking the concert in the same way as was thought 150 years before nor using just pop music approaches for the orchestra will change the problem. Is necessary to think in new and innovative ways in order to keep and increase their audience and funding without giving up their artistic visions. The present proposal, will analyze different possibilities that orchestras and opera companies can use to create its seasons and concerts with a highly experiential focuses without losing the music artistic excellence in its Concerts. In addition, dissecting the necessary steps to create concerts that allows the audience to use their 5 senses will be discussed. And pre-concert and post-concert strategies that can create audience interaction with the selected music and its orchestra will be analyzed. Furthermore, strategies to select, organize and link music not only in concerts and seasons, but also and most important, with the orchestra audience and it’s current and potential sponsors will be examined.

©Diego Barbosa-Vásquez/Academic2018

Research for: League of American Orchestras 2019 National Conference & Barbosa-Vásquez/Academic

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