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Opera Sustainability: Through Multilevel-Apprenticeship Programs at Opera Companies

Research in process for:

- Ostrom Workshop - Research Series (Economic Nobel Prize Winners experts in Sustainability)

- Opera Sustainability Research: More about the full research Click Here

Opera Sustainability:

Through Multilevel-Apprenticeship Programs at Opera Companies


Opera is a cultural common that benefits humanity at multiple levels. However, its practice has become almost inaccessible to certain populations making the Opera audiences less connected to the art form every day. The Opera is in need of sustainable solutions for its survival. To understand the challenges and possible solutions, the present research is divided into three main components. First, the paper analyzes and describes Opera as an art and as an industry, clarifying its actors/stakeholders, some of their interactions, and the current business model of the Opera. Second, the text describes the problems of the current business and governance models and the hypothesis of the death spiral of the current Opera field. Third, the research explains the solutions that the multilevel-apprenticeship programs could offer to the Opera field and the possibility of implementing them in multiple local arenas with a multidisciplinary approach that involves full Opera actors. Furthermore, the paper enumerates the next steps that could be followed to continue the study in Opera sustainability.


For a Video of the full research: Please Click here!

See the Paper in Process here: Click Here


*As a research in process if you have any idea, bibliography or idea to be consider please contact Maestro Barbosa-Vasquez by:


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