Opera Sustainability - By Diego Barbosa-Vásquez

Creation and Leadership of Music, Artistic, Pedagogic, Business, and Community Sustainable Models at the Opera Field.

Research in process since 2019 for:

- The Ostrom Workshop Economic Nobel Prize Winners Scholars, Experts in Sustainability at different fields.

*Diego Barbosa-Vásquez was selected as 2021-2022 Research Awardee to perform Opera Sustainability research with the support of the Ostrom Workshop and its worldwide scholars.

- Dissertation for Doctor of Music in Opera and Orchestra Conducting Degree from Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. Doctoral Minors in Music Theory and Arts Administration

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Opera should be available for all people. However, its artistic development has not always been correlated with clear updated financial and community sustainability goals over time. This fact affects the community's relationship with the Opera as an art and as an industry, relegating the Opera only to a small percentage of the society. Also, it affects how Opera training and experiences are given to music major students. From an international perspective, there is a gap between the community and its interaction with Opera and between the training of music major students and their real access to professional opera experiences and careers.

The proposed solution is a deep understanding of the full range of Actors/Stakeholders interactions around the Opera. From Singers, Conductors, Stage Managers, etc., to the communities around, sponsors, managers, opera companies, etc. The present research identifies the challenges and goals that need to be addressed in the creation and leadership of Sustainable Models for Opera leadership. Specifically focused in 5 crucial elements: Music, Artistic, Pedagogic, Business, and Community Sustainable Models. This research defines a basic model that can be adapted under the unique specificities of the cities, opera companies, universities, or other entities interested in creating a viable and sustainable Opera practices. The results are models with concepts and leadership strategies that could be also applied to the Orchestral and Arts World.

On 2021 this research had one of the first tangible results with the creation of the Community Opera Scores. A remarkable development in the arts that will be allowing Communities, Students, and Professionals to do Opera all together side by side: An innovation that also was awarded by the prestigious Jacobs School of Music and Indiana University's leading Kelley School of Business in their Innovation 2021 contest.

*More information about this Community Opera Scores at: https://www.barbosavasquez.com/single-post/barbosa-v%C3%A1squez-opera-won-an-innovation-competition-in-music-industry-and-business

The primary focus of Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez is Conducting Operas and Symphonic Repertoire.

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