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TheACO Records Their First Hollywood Film Music

Collaboration with LA-based film director Ruth Du and the Film Scoring and Recording Engineering Departments of Indiana University, The Americas Chamber Orchestra (based in Bloomington, IN) leads to music recording for Hollywood film, "Yugen" (2021). Film music composed by Aron Frank, current CEO, and Violinist of TheACO.

Versión en Español: Click Aqui!

The Americas Chamber Orchestra (TheACO) had the exciting opportunity to record its first film score for Yugen (2021), in collaboration with LA-based director Ruth Du. Aron Frank, TheACO CEO/violinist, composed Yugen’s film music and lead the recording project, gaining support of the Film Scoring and Recording Engineering Departments of the prestigious Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Since film music is usually recorded in Los Angeles or outside the US, the orchestra felt very honored to have the recording project held in their home city: Bloomington, Indiana, attesting to the amazing talent that we have here in Indiana.

The professional orchestra rehearsed and recorded under the baton of its Music Director Diego Barbosa-Vásquez ( ), a Colombian conductor who is developing a promising international career in opera and orchestra conducting. The amazing project allowed orchestra members to rehearse and perform together, some notably for the first time since the onset of the pandemic. Acknowledging the times we currently live in, where the act of gathering to share the gift of music has changed immensely, has made performing a more emotionally provoking, impactful, and precious experience.

That is why TheACO will be broadcasting a Facebook Live Interview Series lead by their Music Director on March 19th, 2021 at 8:30PM EDT: featuring Yugen film composer and select orchestra members of TheACO to share their insights on composing film music, rehearsing, performing, and the full recording process.

About TheACO

The Americas Chamber Orchestra is a professional chamber orchestra that activates artistry and promotes cultural awareness among its musicians and the communities they serve through innovative musical projects. The orchestra seeks to reimagine the ways in which classical music and other genres are presented to the general public. Comprised of a diverse group of musicians at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, TheACO broadcasts American music (from Argentina to Canada) while bringing unique perspectives to standard chamber orchestra repertoire.

A word to our sponsors

The orchestra would like to thank SADCO (Society of Colombians and Friends) for their sponsorship and constant support.

Press Release by: Maya Antoine Abboud| Violist & Marketing Director, TheACO


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