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The Colombian, Diego Barbosa-Vásquez Leads the Opera "Vivaldi's Gloria" at Los Angeles

The young Colombian Opera and Orchestra Conductor is in charge of the opera that will be presented as the closing of the opera summer camp at the Azusa Conservatory of Music.

In the second version of their summer camp, the Azusa Pacific University in the city of Los Angeles, California; will present the mythical opera Gloria of Vivaldi. A majestic youthful interpretation full of choirs, voices, choreography and musical composition that reflects the origin, development and climax of this important sacred musical piece.

The Opera and Orchestra Conductor Diego Barbosa-Vásquez is in charge of generating the special musical environment, vocal and instrumental pieces and stage spaces of this incredible work together with a group of wonderful human talent, where another Colombian, the visual and textile artist, Liliana Rocha; in charge of art direction.

Barbosa-Vásquez is Maestro in Music from the School of Music of the Juan N. Corpas University (Colombia) graduated with honors with Major in Conducting and Minor Areas in Viola and Chamber Music; graduated from the Global Leaders Program of the YOA (Orchestra of the Americas) as Conductor and Violist and has an M.M. (Master of Music) graduated with Honors in Opera and Orchestra Conducting at Azusa Pacific University (CA, USA). He has participated at international competitions and conferences in Belgium, Italy, Norway, Singapore and has been guest conductor of Symphony Orchestras in Indiana, California, El Salvador, Colombia and Puebla in Mexico. Because of this, he was named ambassador of Colombia Country Brand by ProColombia.

In addition to his extensive career, he is committed to the training of young musicians and Vivaldi's Gloria arrives on June 15 to ratify his commitment and talent, an opera by memory, a level rarely seen in the world because of his level of difficulty.

Vivaldi’s Gloria

June 15, 2019

Hour: 1:30 pm (LA, CA)

Where: Munson Chapel, APU

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